Arctic Solar Ventures (ASV) is a Certified B-Corporation, founded in Anchorage, AK by Stephen Trimble and Jackie Savina.

ASV specializes in home and business grid-connected solar design, engineering, and construction services.

They believe in a better way of doing business: providing social impact through the economy, community, and environment of Alaska.

  • Is my home or business a good candidate for solar panels?
    Is my home or business a good candidate for solar? Solar arrays can be installed on most roofs. To determine whether a roof is suitable for solar, we look at 6 key factors. Direction of the roof: South facing roofs are ideal for solar because they get the most sunlight over the course of the…
  • Negative Electric Bills
    Check out this screenshot from our customer who installed solar last fall. Beginning in April, they have had a negative electric bill and have a current credit of $145.73 (which will continue to increase until October). Once our solar access goes down in the fall/winter this credit will be put towards their future electric bills…
  • Environmental Benefits of Solar
    While many people make the switch to solar for its substantial financial benefits such as lower utility bills and increased home value, the significant environmental benefits are equally as important. If you are thinking about switching your home to solar, check out the following 3 eco-friendly advantages: Solar reduces air pollution: Harmful carbon Solar reduces…
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