We are Committed to a Better Way of Doing Business

Arctic Solar Ventures is committed to a better way of doing business that benefits our Economy, Planet, and People. As a Certified B-Corporation and Best For The World Honoree, we are proud to share these impacts.

ASV’s Impact Report

Over 10,000 Solar Panels

That’s 200,000 square feet of solar panels – larger than 4 football fields.

9,000,000 Miles

That’s the emissions created from 8,881 trips from Anchorage to Fairbanks and back – the equivalent of 2,000 straight hours of Netflix streaming.

6 Years a B-Corp

Our plan from the start was to balance profit and purpose. That’s why we’re in the Top 10% of B-Corps in the world – a Best For The World Honoree.

7 Years of 0-0-0

We take safety seriously. We strive for zero lost time, zero injuries, and zero equipment failures. We’re proud of 7 straight years of 0-0-0.

1,000 Community Hours

Our time is our most precious resource. From teaching at schools to building solar for those in-need, we are committed to the place that we call home.

Previous Impact Reports

Impact Report #2 by the Numbers

Economy: 350kW of commissioned projects

Community: 380 hours donated to charitable causes

Environment: 503 fewer vehicles driven (equivalent)

Impact Report #1 by the Numbers

Economy: 45 Alaska businesses helping us build a better world

Safety: 0-0-0 safety record for our staff

Environment: 185 homes powered by the sun

Arctic Solar Ventures BBB Business Review