We are Committed to a Better Way of Doing Business

Arctic Solar Ventures is committed to a better way of doing business that benefits our Economy, Environment, and Community. As a Certified B Corporation and Best For The World Honoree we are proud to share these impacts annually.

Our 2019 Impact Report

Over 3,225 Solar Panels Installed

That’s 58,050 square feet of solar panels – larger than a football field.

3,500,000 Miles Saved

That’s the emissions created from 4,874 trips from Anchorage to Fairbanks and back – the equivalent of 458 hours of Netflix streaming.

4 Years of B Corp Certification

Our plan from the start was to balance profit and purpose. This year we were named as a Top 10% B Corp in the world – a Best For The World Honoree.

Another Year of 0-0-0 Safety

We take safety very seriously. We strive for zero lost time, zero injuries, and zero equipment failures. We’re proud to see another year of 0-0-0.

375 Community Hours

Our time is our most precious resource. From teaching at schools to building solar for those in-need, we are committed to the place that we call home.

Solarizing 88 Homes

We installed solar on 88 homes in the Turnagain neighborhood this year by offering a complete community program. We are proud of the trust we are building within our community.

Previous Impact Reports

Our 2018 Impact by the Numbers

Economy: 350kW of commissioned projects

Community: 380 hours donated to charitable causes

Environment: 503 fewer vehicles driven (equivalent)

Our 2017 Impact by the Numbers

Economy: 45 Alaska businesses helping us build a better world

Safety: 0-0-0 safety record for our staff

Environment: 185 homes powered by the sun

Arctic Solar Ventures BBB Business Review