The solar power industry is in a price war at the moment. With everything happening in the world, we are seeing a number of solar installers offering cheap / budget solar systems and dropping their prices to win business.

A quality solar power system is designed to last 25 years and beyond, and most quality solar panels come with a 25-year product warranty to back that up .When installed to the highest standards, there is little to no servicing required (although inverters may need replacing in around 10 or 15 years), allowing you to passively reduce your power bills for decades.

So, what can you do? As you’re evaluating initial quotes and the potential for long-term return on investment, try to find the most efficient solar panels (in your budget), rely on solar panel reviews, and choose the right system for your needs, and secure your investment by partnering with established brands, demanding industry-leading warranties, and selecting panels with decades of strong performance behind them.