Is my home or business a good candidate for solar?

Solar arrays can be installed on most roofs. To determine whether a roof is suitable for solar, we look at 6 key factors.

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Direction of the roof: South facing roofs are ideal for solar because they get the most sunlight over the course of the day. An east-facing roof catches the morning sun and the west-facing sun catches our late night sun AKA Land of the Midnight Sun

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Pitch of the roof: Solar panels can be installed on all angles of your roof although the design and mounting equipment used may vary based on the pitch

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Size and shape of the roof: The size of your recommended solar panel array will depend on your energy usage and needs. Items like skylights, dormers, and chimneys will affect the amount of space available for a. home installation

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Shading: It is important that your roof gets enough sun throughout the day to maximize electricity production. You don’t need 100% sun on your roof to make solar viable for your home or business, though.

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Age of roof: Solar panels will last for 25+ years. Before you install your panels, make sure your solar contractor does a review of your roof to ensure it won’t need replacement in the near future. At Arctic Solar Ventures we recommend that if you roof has less than 5 years of life left to get it replaced prior to solar.

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Material of roof: What is your roof made of? Solar panels are compatible with most roofing materials, though, installation and mounting requirements will vary based on your roofing material.

What if my home isn’t suitable for solar?

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Solar panels are compatible with most properties, but if you can’t install solar on your roof you have options of installing it on vertical walls and the ground.