Product Spotlight: REC Solar

Solar’s Most Trusted

Based in Norway with its panel manufacturing in Singapore, REC has more than 16 gigawatts of operating solar installations that provide 16+ million people with solar power.

REC Solar Panels – Residential Installation in Anchorage, Alaska

Why did Arctic Solar Ventures choose REC solar as our primary module vendor? The answers are easy and there are many reasons.

  • As a REC-Certified installer, Arctic Solar Ventures has a 25-year ProTrust warranty for all products and labor on solar energy system installations built with REC modules.
  • Our partnership with REC ensures that ASV and our customers have a superb buying experience. RECs excellent management team, innovative products, after-sales support, and technical support, enable ASV to maximum the satisfaction of our clients and customers.
  • Solar panel efficiency
    • Solar panel efficiency is the percentage of energy the solar panels can absorb from the sun and turn in to electricity. The industry average is between 15% – 20%. REC panels range in efficient from 17% – 20% which puts them at the high-end in terms of efficiency.
  • Solar panel cost
    • REC solar panels are built to be high-quality but sell for a competitive price
  • Half-cut cell technology – Improved performance when shaded
    • One of the things that makes REC solar panels stand out are their award-winning half-cut cell technology. REC pioneered the design in 2014, which increases the energy output of solar panels by reducing the size of solar cells so that more can fit on one panel/module. Then, the panel is split in half so that the top and bottom halves operate independently, generating energy even if one-half is shaded.
  • Bankability
    • When choosing a solar panel manufacturer, for your installation, it’s important to consider the financial health of the manufacturer. Both as a business and for each of our customers, you want to be sure that they’ll be around to honor warranties if necessary, well into the future. REC has maintained a healthy financial position demonstrating they will be a long-term player in the solar industry.
  • Sustainability | Recycling
    • The recycling of REC panels follows state of the art processes and the separate recovered materials can be easily and safely returned to the industrial and economic cycles.

In short, long-term reliability and return on investment are both key for home and business customers looking to supplement their power through solar. That’s why we choose REC.

REC Production Facility
Veterans Hospital – USA – 4.5 MW
REC Solar Panels – Commercial Installation – Anchorage, Alaska