Why now?

After years of record adaptation and technological advances, the solar industry has reached a point of maturity with stable pricing for solar panels. With the federal solar tax credit still in place and the current depreciation schedule, it allows you to depreciate the entire asset in the first year. These two tax benefits amount to almost 50% of the project cost, recouped in the first year of operation.

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What are the benefits?

Solar power gives you a great return on investment

When thinking about switching your commercial building to solar power, consider it an investment, not an expense. The return on investment exceeds that of most other investments in terms of money your business saves over the years.

Reduces your operating costs

Once your commercial solar panels pay for themselves, they will reduce your business’s operating expenses, which will cascade through your business’s balance sheet. Your solar project will more than pay for itself over the lifespan of the solar system.

Controls future energy bills

Solar systems can provide you with prolonged—term stabilization and independence from volatile energy markets and energy costs.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect, carbon footprint, and many other terms referring to our environmental impact have become frequent concepts in our daily lives. Using renewable energy like solar energy will make a substantial positive impact on the environment.

Green Energy Reputation

Show off your commitment to renewable energy by promoting your solar investment at your facility.

PR Strategy

System launch events and aerial drone footage of your completed facility.

High reliability and low maintenance

Solar panels are exceptionally reliable and require little maintenance.

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Your one source for solar

As Alaska’s premium solar company, we offer turnkey solutions serving commercial and residential clients across the state of Alaska. Based in Anchorage, we offer complimentary site analysis, solar design and engineering services, construction, and system monitoring for every solar project type.

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