Our hearts are heavy today as we hear about the impact that Coronavirus/ COVID-19 is having on our community. We continue to monitor the situation closely and wanted to take a moment to summarize what Arctic Solar Ventures is doing to ensure you that we are designing and building your solar system safely in light of COVID-19.

As a solar installation company working regularly on rooftops and with electricity, safety is deeply rooted in our core values. We are treating this new public health risk with the same level of importance and are following local and CDC guidelines to keep both our staff and customers healthy. 


  • We have implemented a Work from Home Policy for all administrative staff. 
  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene by all employees and subcontractors
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning
  • Advise employees before traveling to take certain steps

Site Visit / Consultation

  • We are requesting that all site visits be completed digitally (Facetime, GoToMeeting, Skype) or that the site visit occurs outside of your home. If you are feeling unwell or feel that you have been exposed to Coronavirus/ COVID-19, we ask that you interact digitally or reschedule 
  • If we meet in-person we ask that you keep the 6 feet distance and know that we will not shake hands

Solar Installation – a solar installation is primarily done outside the home/business and with limited close interaction. We have made specific changes to our installation practices so that they can be done according to COVID-19 safety guidelines. Here are a few ways we are keeping you and our employees safe:

  • If our employees or their family members have symptoms, we are asking them to stay home, and follow their medical providers advice. 
  • Our crews will mainly be working outside. If an electrician needs to come inside, they have been provided wipes to clean surfaces they come in contact with before and after their work.
  • Our crews will be practicing “social distancing” with our customers (avoiding handshakes and staying 6’ away when interacting)
  • If you are sick, have symptoms, or belong to a higher risk population, please let us know so we can take additional precautions. 

The goal during the COVID-19 outbreak is to slow the spread of the disease so that critical medical infrastructure is available to those who need it. We are all in this together and appreciate your cooperation as we work to protect those who are most vulnerable and help our healthcare system cope with increased demands. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.

With Love,

Jackie & Stephen

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  1. Many of us are working from home, Everyone might be having trouble adjusting to a new work environment overnight! Thanks for sharing this article in this moment of need!
    Though the uncertainty and newness of it all can be disconcerting, the good news is that there actually are opportunities for growth and diversification for our agency or small business, if we’re keen to make lemonade out of lemons.
    However, it will inevitably take some time to get used to. Thanks again for your tips on maintaining productivity and making the transition easier.

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