Stephen recently got the opportunity to be interviewed by Katie Stark with the Mat-Su Frontiesman about our Top Solar Contractors award, what it means for the solar industry in Alaska, and about our growth and business values at our of our Palmer, Alaska project sites.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Most people don’t think of Alaska as a nationally competitive place for solar,” said Anchorage-born Trimble, who started his company three-and-a-half years ago.

Before ASV, Trimble, who was running his own consulting business, didn’t think it was either at first, until out-of-state solar companies began coming to him with interest in starting up projects in Alaska.
His uncle, owner of the Agate Inn on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway, had been using solar to run his business for years.
“He just kept telling me, ‘There’s an opportunity here. There’s an opportunity. You should start a solar company.’ And he would just tell me that for like ten years,” Trimble said.
The entrepreneur in him eventually gave in, and he began to develop an enterprise that not only installs solar panels unique to Alaska, but involves itself heavily in the community as well. ASV engineers every project they do, whether it’s needed or not, according to Trimble. All of their hardware and panels are black to help melt snow more quickly, and the company can also install vertical panels that won’t be covered by or catch snow. 

“We’re not called the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing,” he said.

Head on over to the Mat-Su Frontiersman for the full read.

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