We have joined the Amicus Solar Cooperative! This is a very exciting development for us at ASV. What is Amicus? Amicus is a large national cooperative that is 100% member-owned by like-minded solar companies that share our vision for premium quality, efficient operations, and ethical & responsible business practices.

Many Amicus members are already Certified B Corps (like us) or are in the process of becoming Certified B Corps. We are really thrilled to be welcomed by our like-minded co-owners that share our vision and values.

What does Amicus mean for our customers? It means even greater access to the premium solar equipment we provide at the best possible market prices. It gives us the combined power of the entire cooperative to continue to drive our industry forward, innovate, and deliver the highest quality along with the best products.

It truly changes the future of solar in Alaska and charts our path into the next stage of our company’s future.

Learn more about the Amicus Solar Cooperative here: http://www.amicussolar.com/

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