We have received many questions and concerns regarding the recently announced Section 201 trade case decision, in which a graduated import tariff will be placed on imported solar PV modules and cells.

Let’s break down the facts on this tariff.

  1. The tariff is on non-U.S. made solar PV modules and cells (a component of PV modules) only and does not affect other system components (90% of a typical solar installation);

  2. The tariff will gradually step down from 30% in 2018, 5% per-year until it expires in 4 years;

  3. The first 2.5 gigawatts of imported modules and cells will be exempt every year.

How does this affect Arctic Solar Ventures and our customers?

It has always been a priority for ASV to use U.S made solar PV modules and components therefore our customers can expect to see little effect from this tariff.

The solar industry in Alaska is a growing market and you can count on us to continue to deliver the best pricing, solutions, and resources for our customers.

Thank you,

Stephen Trimble

Founder | CEO

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