We get a lot of questions about just what is community solar and what are its benefits. What exactly is Community Solar and what is “Utility” Community Solar?

Community solar is a program where multiple subscribers can purchase energy and share the benefits being produced at a nearby centralized solar installation. “Utility” community solar is when a utility company builds and owns the community solar array and allows it’s customers to purchase renewable energy from the shared facility, often times resulting in lower annual utility payments for the customer.

Why does community solar matter?

Some customers are simply unable to install solar panels on their own rooftops. Community solar participants who live in condos, rent, or have unsuitable rooftops for solar are all able to benefit from utility community solar programs by owning or leasing a portion of a system, or by purchasing kilowatt-hour blocks of solar energy generation. This also helps reduce CO2 emissions in their communities by giving participants access to clean solar energy sources.

Our teaming partner, Namasté Solar , completed this 2.5MW community solar project in Sterling, CO and added on an additional 500kW of solar at the Colorado Department of Corrections.

We are excited and look forward to projects like this starting to take place in Alaska in 2018.

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