We get a lot of questions about what a representative home solar project looks like. Let’s model a 16 module system for our illustration.

A 16 module system would provide 60-75% of average home annual energy in south-central Alaska. A larger project would produce a higher supply of solar energy, etc. The amount of solar you need? That depends on your usage (how much electricity you consume).

The average cost for a system of this size is between $16k-$17k from a quality solar company, of which 30% ($4800-5000) would be returned via the federal residential solar tax credit (eligible the year the project is completed).

The cost per kWh of your solar energy is around $0.08/kWh or around half of current south-central utility rates. That rate that you just cut in half stays the same – forever – and will not ever change.

Your solar pv system would pay for itself completely in 9 years and generate, clean, fixed-cost power for decades.

Remember, all solar work is not created equal and not all companies perform the same level of work. Do research. Do your homework. Pick a professional, high quality, and safe solar company to design and build your system.

Happy Solar-ing Alaska!

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